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Welcome to our NEW WEBSITE!

Hello, Spring House Guests!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our ~NEW~ website for Spring House Restaurant, Kitchen & Bar, and hope you'll follow along with all of the happenings that occur throughout the seasons in our historic southern mansion. We love our city of Winston-Salem, but we love the community it has brought us even more, and hope that our blogging platform, "The Pineapple Post" will help to bring you more insight on the seasonally-inspired inner workings of our restaurant and event space.

For years, the pineapple has been a welcoming symbol of hospitality in the south. We hope that this blog will help us to welcome you into our home even more, as we share recipes, seasonal celebration details for events such as our Bourbon Dinner and Summer Season Pig Pickin', as well as cooking tips, what's currently on our menu, and much more.

We look forward to hosting you in our house soon as we celebrate another year of Spring House Restaurant, Kitchen & Bar! Cheers, friends.

-The Spring House Team

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Hello, I want to say that your updated website looks so stylish, personally, for me, I like it a lot.

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