Lynette Matthews-Murphy


"The Spring House existed in spirit long before we opened it's doors."

Nearly a decade ago, Lynette had recently completed Leadership Winston-Salem, which was all about setting goals and seeing how and where you could attribute your talents.  After working to plan events with the Winston-Salem Downtown Partnership for a number of years, she realized she was ready for a new adventure of her own.  During an early morning run in her neighborhood, she saw a vision of a gathering place that connected people in the community.  A year went by and then during a casual walk with her husband, Lynn Murphy, through downtown Winston-Salem, she shared her vision with him and as they took a turn, stumbled upon an abandoned Southern mansion on Spring Street, tucked away almost unnoticed and with a "For Sale" sign out front. The rest was history as Lynette's dream became a reality.

"You get to a point in life where you just know things. You can just feel when something clicks into place."

The husband and wife team acquired the A.H. Bahnson House in late 2010, and began extensive and historically appropriate renovations in the spring of 2011. As project manager for the building’s renovation, design, and concept development, Lynette had a vision for the stewardship of the historic homeplace, and lovingly and painstakingly breathed new life and new purpose into the very last remaining home on Millionaire’s Row.


But she knew that to take on such a project that she would need a strong partner, so she reached out and brought in an old friend, Chef Timothy Grandinetti {pictured above with Lynette).

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Chef Timothy Grandinetti

Executive Chef | Partner

“I believe food is important, meaningful and has the ability to

conjure wonderful memories. I work with a commitment to create menus “in cadence with Mother Nature”, showcasing an honest, responsible approach to New Southern cooking, inspired by seasonal ingredients fresh from the farm and local markets.”

Chef Timothy Grandinetti is a fourth generation culinarian who has been tending to the earth, nourishing souls and cooking professionally since 1998.  He began his career humbly as a dishwasher at the St. Charles Hotel in Hudson, New York.  He graduated with Hotel & Restaurant Management degrees from New York State University and the Rochester Institute of Technology.  Cooking, teaching and sharing his craft for more than a dozen years with Marriott International, leading the kitchens in Washington, D.C., St. Louis, Missouri and as a regional Chef in North Carolina, Chef Grandinetti was awarded Marriott’s Award of Culinary Excellence.


He is passionate about supporting sustainable food systems including economic opportunities for small farms and the environmental stewardship. Chef Grandinetti represented the state of Missouri as a delegate to Slow Food’s Terra Madre in Turin, Italy, a program that included 1500 food communities from five continents, 5000 farmers, fishermen and traditional food producers, 1000 cooks and 200 universities all gathered together to share experiences and discuss the concept of agriculture and how it relates to good, clean and fair food.


Chef Grandinetti was invited and traveled to Yokuska, Japan, to facilitate culinary training as part of a partnership between the American Culinary Federation and the U.S. Navy. Yokuska, Japan is home to America’s largest, most strategically important overseas naval installation. Traveling through Japan, the cities of Yokuska, Kamakura and Tokyo experiencing the best culinary adventures Japan has to offer, Chef Grandinetti completed a stage at the Renaissance Tokyo Ginza Hotel receiving extensive Japanese culinary training.

In 2011 when Lynette Matthews-Murphy emailed him a note with the subject line, "Do you miss Winston-Salem?"
Chef Grandinetti couldn't say no to taking a leap of faith, leaving St. Louis to embark on a journey of a lifetime and partner together to build a restaurant and brand in North Carolina.


Since opening Spring House in with Lynette in 2012, Chef Grandinetti has been awarded Best Chef in the Piedmont Region several years in a row and received multiple wins for Best Chef in Winston-Salem.  He also recently became a published author with his cookbook & culinary memoir, Soulful Harvest and a BBQ Star for Hasty Bake's Exclusive Grill Master Series.


Heidi Grandinetti

Partner | Business Affairs

Heidi is a third generation restaurateur.  As a woman, she was raised in the restaurant industry -- it's literally in her DNA.  Growing up, she worked alongside family members in her parents small-town New York restaurant and learned a lot of lessons in the industry very early on.


Heidi's role at Spring House is multi-faceted. With a lifetime of experience, she can be seen filling almost any role in the restaurant on any given night. Her primary role, and one that she is best suited for, is that of business manager. Heidi's daily oversight of all operations have become instrumental to the success of Spring House Restaurant, Kitchen & Bar.

"I believe in hard work and dedication. Any dream can be achieved if you put in the hard work. Spring House is an example of that work. Together we all brought this dream to fruition with nothing less than tireless dedication. I'm proud to be a partner in a restaurant that is on the forefront of Winston Salem's culinary scene and also to be a steward to a local landmark."

Séverine Utiger

Private Event Specialist

Séverine Utiger was born and raised in Switzerland, before moving to England to go to college where she graduated with a BA (hons) in Media Studies with a major in Radio Production. After working for a radio production and the English Football Association, she moved Portugal for three years, and then moved to North Carolina in 2008 to head the sales & marketing department for Oceanico Group USA.

Séverine is an experienced multilingual events, sales and marketing manager. After her move to Pinehurst, she started a career in the hospitality industry and has worked for Hilton, Marriott and IHG.

After 11 years in Pinehurst, Séverine recently moved to Winston-Salem as is very excited to be part of the community. She has quickly come to love Winston-Salem and the juxtaposition of new and old coming together.


“I feel very strongly about the way Winston-Salem has managed to maintain its heritage and reinvent itself at the same time. The development of the Innovation Quarter is very exciting but I also love the fact that existing buildings have been repurposed rather than demolished and rebuilt.”

With this in mind, working at Spring House is a dream come true.

“This property is a perfect mix of everything I love. Every day I get to work in a beautiful setting and organize events which is my passion!”  Séverine would love to help you book your events at Spring House Restaurant, Kitchen & Bar so please contact her at