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& Our Response to COVID-19.



The Rhubarb & Honey Family of Restaurants is defining a new standard of restaurant cleanliness and sanitation right here in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Rhubarb & Honey -- the award-winning Hospitality Group that has created Spring House Restaurant, Kitchen & Bar, Quanto Basta: Italian Eatery & Wine Bar, and Dr. Brownstone's BBQ, and the critically acclaimed "pop-up" White Tiger Noodle Shop -- announced today a new CLEAN TEAM INITIATIVE to deliver industry-defining standards of cleanliness and sanitation in all of its local Winston-Salem restaurants.

Building upon our best practices and protocols, combined with continuous team member training, to ensure that our guests enjoy a first-class, memorable and safe experience - while protecting out Team Members who are on the hospitality “front lines”.

Some of the things we'd like to make sure our guests

are aware of in our new protocols when we reopen:


Team Member Wellness Check


Team Members outfitted with Personal Protective Equipment 


R & H Table Top Promise


Restaurant Minimization 

with Dining Experience Maximization


CLEAN TEAM INITIATIVE : Clean, Clean & Clean 


High-Touch = Deep Clean 

[switches & controls; handles & knobs; bathroom surfaces; 

telephones & computers; hard surfaces; etc.]


Focus on Guest Lavatories


Cutting Edge Technologies

Electrostatic Charged Disinfecting Misting Machines


Hand Sanitizers & Disinfecting Wipes available


The concept of restaurant hospitality has been completely changed. It’s now defined by minimal contact as opposed to the traditionally accepted high-touch model. 


The goal of this document is to highlight Rhubarb & Honey’s industry-leading response and to understand the changes that our restaurants will make operationally in order to continue navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. 


We are committed to a relentless pursuit of a cleaner, safer and healthier dining experience. We will build upon the already high standards of cleanliness and sanitation at our restaurants; allowing our guests to focus on enjoying the dining experience.

Daily Operations


Extensive hand-washing will be required for Team Members - minimum every 30 minutes. Hands must be washed thoroughly using warm water and soap, washing for minimum 20 seconds.


Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the restaurants. 


Team Members must wear masks and will wear single-use latex gloves.

Team Members will change gloves and wash hands as necessary. The CDC states the probability of transmission is reduced to 1.5% when wearing masks properly.


Service Captains and Culinary staff will become ServSafe certified by September, 2020.


Rhubarb & Honey will begin utilizing Electrostatic Disinfectant Misting Machines, which negatively charges ions to disperse an ammonia-based chemical that sterilizes contact surfaces immediately and continues to kill viruses for 5 days. The same treatment is used for operating rooms and reduces contact surfaces to below 30 RLU within 15 minutes, which is the CDC recommended level for invasive surgery.


Avoiding shared phone use at reception podium and in kitchens. Staff will disinfect and utilize speaker phone throughout the day.


Team Members will promote social distancing in work areas as much as possible for FOH and BOH. Physical contact between employees is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, handshakes, high fives, fist bumps, and hugs.


Tables will be removed to create mandated spacing. 


Guests will be dining on a reservation-only basis.


Seating will be restricted to 6 people per table.


Single-use menus will be utilized. Menus will also be available on our websites so that they can be viewed on personal devices and will also be displayed prominently on easels. 


Salt, pepper, sugar, and condiments will all be brought to the table upon request. Condiments will be served in ramekins.


Table settings and glassware will be brought to the table.


Rhubarb & Honey will eliminate check presenters.


CDC recommended cleaning and sanitizing agents will be used to clean tables and hard surfaces:


MCF Peroxide Multi-Surface Cleaner & Disinfectant 

effective against COVID-19 in 45 seconds


Sanitizing No Rinse Floor Cleaner 


Redi San RTU Hard Surface Sanitizer


Multi-Quat Sanitizer


Deep cleaning and sanitation will be scheduled everyday, seven days per week. 


Specific Team Members will be designated for cleaning and sanitizing versus serving food and beverages.


Rhubarb & Honey will create a CLEAN TEAM with a designated “CT” Captain. “CT” Captain will offer Daily Training to employees during pre-shift meetings. “CT” Captain will assist Chef with recording hot and cold holding temperatures, stewarding/dishwasher operations, chemical levels, and frequent high-touch contact surfaces throughout the restaurants on a regular schedule. “CT” Captain will ensure that all team members are following all updated sanitation protocols/procedures. “CT” Captain will create a daily report, sharing any additional recommendations.


Stewards will now be the restaurant’s most exposed employees, handling potentially contaminated flatware and glasses. They will also be the operation’s greatest line of defense against the spread of COVID-19 by sanitizing flatware, glasses, dishes, containers, pots/pans, and by cleaning and sanitizing production areas. 


Stewards will require additional training and supervision by the restaurant’s newly appointed “CLEAN TEAM Captain” They will require additional PPE to include elbow-length gloves, full length vinyl aprons, and possibly face shields.

Menu Management


Rhubarb & Honey will rework/reduce menus to improve efficiency and help manage food cost and waste. Limited menus and streamlined production will be necessary to provide timely and efficient service for our guests.

For questions or more information about our MANIFESTO! please reach out to our Chef: .

We look forward to seeing you & yours very soon!

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