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List of Long-Lived Dog Breeds as ESAs – Guide

Nature has created many beautiful and breathtaking creatures and in their absence human beings are alone. Yes, indeed, every creature other than human is here to help us out in times of lurch and provide comfort. If you are feeling alone or need emotional support these therapeutic pets are here to soothe us.

It is only a matter of time when someone realizes how badly he needs an emotional support animal. Such an animal is not only a pet but a companion that lasts throughout its life and serves its keeper. Whether it is an ESA or a service pet both play an important role in one’s life. In case you can get an legitimate esa letter, you will be able to take your dog anywhere you go.

However, both only can be kept after the issuance of an ESA letter by a licensed psychiatrist. The life of such pets varies and mostly depends on a specific breed but on average they last from eight to twenty years. After reading this post you would be able to know different breeds that comparatively last long and can be kept as pets. If you are looking for a harmless Emotional Support Dog, the Doberman dog is not an option for you.

List of Long-Lived Dog Breeds as ESAs

Your pet may belong to any species you just need to select as per your personal choice. The most popular choice for household pets is cats and dogs as they are friendly and easy to carry around. If you are wondering how long do dogs live then you are not alone in facing this dilemma. Several pet owners are facing the same situation but unfortunately, a dog cannot live as long as a human. However, some specific breeds can live up to one-fourth of human life. Here are some important breeds that last longer than the others:


It is a fabulous small pet also known as Yorkshire Terriers with a friendly demeanor. This breed can live from 16 to 20 years if well maintained. It is a perfect family dog and it needs a high-quality healthy diet to prolong its life. Accepting the individual proposes you an ESA treatment, an email will be delivered off you that will contain all the principal information concerning how to get an esa letter, counsel's nuances, animal sort, and so forth.


It is also one of the popular breeds that can last up to 14-20 years. Due to its small size, it can be carried in a handbag due to its cute and sassy facial expressions. It requires high maintenance due to its small size and could be a little tricky around children. The Doberman breed will provide much more advantages than disadvantages. You can easily get this dog if you have got an emotional animal support esa letter for dog.


It can also live between 14-20 years and is also known as a sausage dog due to its affectionate figure. It basically belongs to the hound family of dogs but very prone to injuries if not taken care of properly. This breed is very playful around family members but aggressive with strangers. You can take this dog to public places or restaurants too if you have such a cheap esa letter.

Toy Poodle

It is a smart dog that can be easily trained as a family dog with a life-span of 14-20 years. It is very friendly around children after some mental and physical exercise. To maintain its health the best option is the use of CBD oil for dogs, as it helps to boost the immune system.


This breed is filled with love and affection towards its keepers and is best known for its intelligence. It can last from 15 to 17 years but it may develop dental problems and knee issues - if not taken care of properly. You may need to hire a regular veterinarian to keep up its health after ten years of age.


This dog is originally a crossbreed of two different dogs known as Poodle and Cocker Spaniel. This dog is highly intelligent, easy to train, and can live up to 12-18 years. It is extremely creative around children and can be very playful and friendly to other family members. It is its charm that it would follow you around the house throughout the day wherever you go.

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