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Process to make your Bunny an ESA for home - 2022 Guide

If you ask someone about the most preferred and common types of emotional support animals, the answer would be either cats or dogs. Sorry to pop your bubble but these are not the only option. Any type of domesticated animal can do the job. Specifically, the concept of keeping floppy eared bunnies as emotional support animals has also gained popularity. ESAs are offering a brilliant alternative to the fight off the pressing mental issues and can enhance the lives of their handlers while keeping them active and alert. Here are some reasons which will drive you crazy for keeping a bunny as an esa letter for housing.

  • Anyone who has ever kept a rabbit will swear by the fact that these fuzzy and adorable little creatures are the best things that can happen to anyone. Rabbits are extremely docile by nature and their body language denotes that they are animal versions of gentle and affectionate grandpas!

  • Rabbits bond very quickly and easily with their handlers. For this reason, they make ideal emotional support animal animals. Their higher level of mental faculties assist them to recognize the voice of their owners in a shorter time span.

  • Gentle handling? Cuddling? Scratching and hugging? You name it and they would love to indulge. Bunnies love to get handled softly by their owners and look forward to warm sessions of cuddling. Rabbits have soft bodies so it is advised to handle these babies gently!

  • Rabbits don’t take up a lot of space. If you live in a small apartment or in a single portion of a big house then you never have to worry! As compared to other emotional support animals, rabbits remain content in small places. It has to be remembered that they are never happy in cages so abstain from doing that!

  • Rabbits are low maintenance animals who can easily cheer up their handlers or owners by their body language and various playful activities.

  • A bunny has a winning personality and individuals can spend longer stretches of time playing with them and indulging in different games with me. You can also watch bugs bunny with your bunny! The reactions of your real bunny would be hilarious!

After reading these characteristics, if you have made up your mind to register your pet rabbit as an emotional support animal, then read this article till the end!

A credible therapist or a licensed mental health practitioner has to recommend the rabbit first, if you want to receive it as an emotional support animal. It is a common observation that a lot of animals are not widely recognized for providing emotional support but they can help with it in unimaginable ways. If someone prefers, they can easily get the emotional support rabbit registered. A mental therapist will review the application and check if said individual qualifies for an ESA, or not. The letter can be received in no time upon qualification.

There are no obligations but it is totally up to the owner to make their bunnies wear a vest. However, an emotional support animal letter is absolutely necessary before adopting a bunny as an ESA. That way, your cute bunny with its twitching nose and innocent eyes can accompany you anywhere!

After the certification process is complete, you can easily travel with your bunny and bring it to your workplace etc. If you want to go on a holiday, they can also join you in the cabin of airplanes.

For the travelling policies and different rules as far as ESAs are regarded, there is an official law. This law is known as ACCA, which is an acronym for Air Carrier Access Act. According to this law, proper and legitimate documentation is required. This is a necessity as the airline management has to declare whether the ESA is fit to fly with their handler or not. If you have any doubts about the legitimacy of emotional support animal letter, feel free to look up an ESA Letter sample online.

In a no-pets policy home or apartment, the landlord tend to exclude the ESA. The Fair Housing Act often states that any managers of buildings, landlords, and owners should allow their tenants for the potential accommodation of emotional support animals. The process of converting your bunny into an ESA also involves these steps. Proper documentation is essentially vital so that your bunny can be granted all those rights which are enjoyed by all kinds of emotional support animals.

There is no single website that can be termed as the best and which can provide the ESA letter within a single day without any background checks and verifications. Thorough online research and due consideration of different user reviews can help the people who want an ESA letter. People who move to other states also find difficulty in getting an ESA letter as their therapist does not have their jurisdiction in any state. In this scenario, researching for a solution to get an ESA letter online is the only option. There are also legitimate websites that provide therapists from different states. Other than that, buying any certifications from Amazon, registering your ESA online, or buying cheap and fake ESA letters are flawed options and should not be pursued.

If there is any confusion about the online websites, one can always check the ratings and reviews and then make a decision. There are a lot of options available and one can land with a credible therapist on a legitimate website after putting in some thought and consideration. If you want to apply for an esa letter, visit

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