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Effectively Discussing in Your Graduate Admission Essay Why You Deserve A Scholarship Spot

Tailoring your admission essay with the goal of getting a scholarship in mind is perhaps a common move of most grad school hopefuls. After all, who would not want to have the chance of going to graduate school for free or for a discount? However, only a chosen few ever get to see an acceptance letter from the graduate program of their choice. Here are a few tips written by essay writing service to come up with a winning essay for that scholarship.

Writing a persuasive graduate admission essay

A graduate admission essay needs to be planned with care, all the more so if you are vying for a scholarship. Not only will you be vying for entrance to a graduate program, but your application will also be facing the competition of the many who want to go to grad school on a scholarship.

Most graduate school applicants tend to know what should go into a graduate admission essay. Being unique, creating a coherent structure, emphasizing your strengths, avoiding highly technical terms, using personal anecdotes, and the like are something most graduate school hopefuls already know about. However, making a persuasive pitch for a scholarship in your graduate school admission essay is another thing entirely.

Add a personal touch.

Writing the essay in a personal tone is the surest way to creating an engaging essay. However, you might be tempted to personalize your essay with a sob story in an attempt to get the admission panel to take pity on you. This is the surest way to get the boot. While personal stories can be engaging and will let your panel get a glimpse of who you are, some personal anecdotes can also sound suspiciously like sob stories, even if they are 100% true. Unfortunately, admissions experts dislike sob stories and they can smell one mile away. Avoid using very dramatic sob stories if you can, but if you must, avoid whining and instead focus on how the experience strengthened you or made a positive impact on your life. This will show your panel that you can use even the worst things to your advantage.

How a person tells a story in a graduate school essay, if he or she chooses to tell one at all, is one of the ways panels scrutinize an applicant’s personality. Telling a sad, heartbreaking story in a positive or upbeat tone will give the panel the impression that you are a person who looks at things on a positive note. And any graduate school could always use students with that kind of outlook. However, always make sure that your stories are true. Any hint of a lie will surely make you unqualified.

Cover the basics.

A successful graduate admission essay that is also angling for a scholarship should cover the basics, its parts linked together by a common topic or experience, flows smoothly from one paragraph to another, and must point out your strongest points and assets. In order to get this result, write ahead of time to give yourself more opportunities to rewrite, to think of good anecdotes to share, and to have your essay read by a trusted friend or teacher for opinions.

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