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Types of Domesticated Animals that can Become ESAs - 2022 Guide

We are all fond of different pets. Dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. are all the choices that we tend to make when selecting a pet. When the time is right, get your very own emotional support animal. But the question is, which animal to buy? One good thing is that ESAs are not service dogs so they do not require specialized training. Secondly, when choosing an emotional support animal letter, you must keep your current situation in mind. Are you capable of taking care of the animal? Is there enough space for keeping a large animal? Does your financial condition support you to keep multiple ESAs?

All the above questions need to be answered. An emotional support animal can belong to any class of domesticated animals. These animals are there to be bred at home and provide you ultimate satisfaction and comfort. How about taking a look at some of the types that you might be interested in? Feels like an adventure, doesn’t it?


One of the most faithful creatures that treat you better than themselves are dogs. Dogs are one of the primary choices for emotionally unstable people;; they are well trained, well mannered, become part of the family. Take him for a walk or play catch with him. But remember! They require a lot of attention so make sure you are ready to handle them as well as they handle you. But wait! You will need an esa letter for housing. It would ensure that you do not run into any problems while keeping your friend with you.


One of the most popular choices for having an animal as an ESA includes cats. Sitting on your sofa with that fur machine purring in your lap feels like heaven. Cats are also well trained to handle things on their own. But they require a lot of attention and tending to as well so choose wisely.


Who does not know about bugs bunny? We all idealized having a cute and smart bugs bunny at our homes since childhood. Guess what? Rabbits too can be your very own ESA letter. They require little training to get them settled. They are charming creatures guaranteed to bring a smile on your face. They are quiet and gentle which makes them easy to accommodate when dealing with neighbors. They don't take up much space either. So, what are you thinking?


You can literally see the gift of nature when you observe parrots. Colorful, elegant, and full of grace, parrots make great ESAs and are easy to accommodate. Better yet, why not get a talking parrot to lighten your mood even further and enjoy endless moments of fun. Well, a parrot might be the right choice for you. They need little attention and give so much in return.

As you can see, the choice is completely yours as to which animal you really want. The above list is the one that shows the most common companions for emotionally disturbed people. But the list goes on. There are some really unusual options as well like keeping a lizard or a mouse but if that is what you want to have a happy life, then who are we to stop you. Find something that gives you the environment that you crave so badly. You can apply for an esa letter online from

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